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dress + bolero (children)

Date : 2016-09-26


Description complementary : We are looking for: Hello, we are looking for companies that uszyłaby dress plus bolero for children's choir. It is approx. 70-75 pieces in sizes from 110 to 164. Dresses should have short sleeves and be made of cotton with a touch of something artificial, so you will not be crushed. They have to be light and airy for the summer concerts, and thanks bolerku also suitable for performances indoors in colder months of the year. Experience has shown that the more practical dresses are loose or higher status, which fit for any figure. Length - to the knee or slightly above the knee. Outfits I need, in the first half of November. Please let us know if your company would be interested in sewing clothes, and what was the cost to (dress plus bolero). If you are interested, please also let us know whether you prefer we offer models and colors fabrics, or is it better that we should have sent the proposals. We are also open to contract the type of sponsorship - eg. A discount in exchange for placing a logo of your company on our websites (Facebook page of the Foundation, which is our care and blog) and the channel you tube (90,000 to enter in the last year, including year will be more, because our album sells better). While waiting for a response send warm greetings, Xenia Zawanowska, children's choir Mille Voci

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Category : I’ll order stitching
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