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buy household chemistry

Date : 2016-08-03


Description complementary : Looking for: For one of our foreign customers are looking urgently: household cleaning: flat surfaces, toilets, washing clothes and dishes customer will be in Poland 08.06.2016 and will want to meet with selected producers to arrange the purchase of selected products. In the initial phase, is interested in buying 1- 3 containers 40`, if the product proves to be good, customer is interested in permanent acceptances, which will be discussed and detailed in later negotiations. Please inform us about the price of each product and the price is negotiable. Because we realize this order as an intermediary, please take into account our commission in the amount of net 8procent of each product. Very please to prepare a quotation upload pictures of individual products and include the information on which the packages are sold (after how many pieces are in the package. Prepare price per item or package and our commission - for the price the customer will be the sum of these two components. With the successful tenderers our the customer will want to meet as soon as you arrive to Polish to agree on all the details. If you do not have the product you are looking for - perhaps you can pass this inquiry friends who have such products

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Category : Purchase household chemicals
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