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Zlecimy sewing shirts for women

Date : 2014-06-12


Description complementary : Looking for: clothing company from Warsaw urgently arrange for sewing ladies' blouses: -bluzka shirt chiffon with knitted topem, number 816 items, net price (skrojenie + sewing) 10-12 zł, the delivery date to 7 14 14 - 100procent cotton blouse, panel with hidden buttons, the number of 576 units, price (skrojenie + sewing) net 9-11zl, delivery date: 07 14 14 size to 36-46 are a distributor clothing for women and men from Warsaw to the Polish market for 16 years. We also work with a large network of clothing in Poland. Articles in the attached table are to produce immediately. We are committed to the establishment of permanent year-round cooperation with Price includes sewing and embroidery skrojenie and the cost of thread. Other elements namely: fabric, accessories, linings, packaging, transportation, templates (for some models have done) are on our side. As for the templates that we can cover the costs, while looking for such establishments which have a szablonistów or at home, or permanently cooperating with them .After reviewing the offer if you are interested please contact us. Production is as follows: 1) You get your pattern and fabric and Accessories 2) Odszywacie you 1 pc in size 38 3) We accept sewn art and present any note 4) the acceptance kroicie and neck. For us the most important is an attractive price, then timely execution, 3rd place value. This means that so much attention to the quality we do not attach nevertheless it is to be a solid level. Sometimes we are willing to accept certain simplifications in sewing as long as it does not affect the general appearance of this model Please contact us by email or phone thank you

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