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Date : 2014-03-28


Description complementary : Looking: Looking for suppliers of steel sheet thickness. 50 mm, grade. X7Ni9. Please indicate in the minutes. production and possible dates of the new rolling. The offer, please take into account the following: net-price for each item set, etc. -warunki Payments; -termin validity of the offer and a declaration of assurance keep prices; -warunki delivery by the Incoterms 2010; -termin execution from the time of order; -For bid in euros, and the final invoicing in PLN offer must specify by what course, what bank and what the day will be invoiced; -in the case of pipes, profiles, rods available lengths of pipes; -in the case of steel products offer must take into account the cost of the certification of quality (included or shown separately) and possible cost cutting of material; -POD offer prices for particular items without annotation to change the grade or standard indicates that the product complies with the certification of quality to exactly match the query.

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Category : purchase steel
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