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The German company is looking for cooperation services company Metalworking

Date : 2013-07-23


Description complementary : The German company is looking to cooperate with companies providing services of metalworking. We assume representation. We are working for a Greek company. Scope of services: Sheet metal and tubes of stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel, powder coating, laser cutting, bending (bending tube additional) (own galwanizeria welcome) Waterjet cutting, welding, stamping, plant size 50-250 employees Certification ISO 9001 This cooperation with the Greek side will come to an end soon and I would be almost instantly in a position it to the same for another company, eg a Polish one. The services should be possible: Sheet metal and tube processing in Stainless Steel, aluminum and mild steel Powdercoating lasercutting Press bending (bending tube would be a plus) (own Galvanic would be a plus) (Waterjet Cutting) Punching Welding assemblies 50-250 employees ISO 9001 certified Best see: If there is a producer in Poland who would be interested, he should get in touch with me at his earliest convenience. He must be in a position (willingness and ability) that cover the pending costs of EUR 13,000 monthy (salaries, office rent, car leasing, travel expenses, etc.), Which then would be outbalanced at 70% against commissions from the sale of production and it will take a couple of months until the break-even is reached With, subject to a very good working backoffice in Poland to process inquiries and orders and a good working quality end-control. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Category : I’ll order production of metal products
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